Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Haven't updated this in a while

Hey, sorry that I haven't written about what I've been up to lately, so basically I'll just try to summarize the last few weeks and the best parts about them.
Two weekends ago I saw salt with some friends, a pretty good movie, considering I don't like action. Then on Saturday two friends from nearby towns came to stay the night with Ceci ( girl from Mexico) and I here in Vasa. They are Erick from Brazil and Baptise from France. We are all in the same district and 4 of 7 out of 114 exchange students who are learning Swedish. We showed them around town and then later that evening we all made a food from our home country. I put pictures on Facebook of course so check them out!
This is our meal, I made blueberry coffee cake and grandmas chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. Ceci made burrito type things, Baptise made crepes and Erick made a pudding.
Later that evening we all went to my families summer cottage with some friends from school to sauna eat and hang out.
I even tried Finnish sausage, keep in mind that I've been a vegetarian for 9 years! But sauna, swimming in the cold water and eating grilled sausage is kind of a tradition, and I'm here to try new things.
Doesn't mean I enjoyed it!
This past weekend on Friday I went to Vera's house with friends from the IB class and we had a sleepover in her Sauna house by the lake. We didn't have to worry about being quiet because it was separate from the main house which was nice. We did the sauna and jumping off the dock into the very cold water, just hanging out and staying up late.
We even got things for s'mores which they had never had! Of course It was with Finnish chocolate and other Finnish substitutes, but they were still really good!
Tonight we have something called Tea Party, which is were all the 2nd year IB students humiliate the first years and then all 3 years of IB students go to a building we've rented out and play games and dance. I'll be taking pictures of course, although right now it's extremely rainy out! I hope it clears up, after all, Vasa is supposed to be the sunniest place in Finland!

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