Sunday, August 29, 2010

Last weekend of summer

This weekend is the last weekend of "summer" in Finland. Although school started two weeks ago, and it's like 7 degrees C here, most people celebrate this weekend, especially on the West coast.
Friday I went to a big party, a Finnish tradition, although i'm not sure if it's just for the area around Vasa, or if it's all over. Anyways I rode my bike with some boys from school to the bus stop, and from there it was about a 30 minute or so ride. Everyone was drinking something, even though they were all under 18, and they were drinking on the street waiting for the bus, on the bus, and of course when we got there. When we got to the place, everyone was drinking, despite the fact they were all 13,14,15,16, & 17. There were lots of adults around, but they weren't there to stop the drinking, just to clean up bottles, and possibly take kids to the "emergency room", a place were kids could take their friends if they have had too much to drink. At first I felt a little out of place, ( Like i was a foreigner?!) being the only one not drinking out of 100's of kids, but as the people got more drunk and were having more fun, so was I. I met people from my school I might not have met because they were in the national system, and they wanted to practice english and know more about me and America. Although some of their drunken questions were a bit silly, "Is there fast food everywhere, do people shoot people on the street a lot...etc", it was still pretty fun. The best part was when people finished drinking and we decided to go inside to dance! The music was a lot like dances at home, with a few swedish songs and such. It was so great to get to go to a dance party; the only dancing i'd done in a while was back in Wenatchee with my friend lainey out of the side of my car in a Jcpenny's parking lot!
Saturday I went with my mom, dad, and brother to my host mothers parents summer cottage.
We got many Finnish foods and also got to go in a smoke sauna, the traditional sauna. Later that night my parents took me to drive around and look at fireworks, which people do on their own only on this night, and new years. I saw a few, nothing like the big fourth of July ones in the states, but it was still nice to see the tradition.


  1. haha, gosh we sound so crazy ;)

  2. Wow, stay away from the drink bud. Remeber the rules.

  3. we really do sound crazy :) Hope I didn't ask any weird question :D //Julia

  4. Did you tell them you sit on the sofa and eat McDonald's every night while watching the Simpsons? This is after you barred the windows to keep all the rifle weilding masses out of course! :D

    You do know the traditional way to enjoy that smoke sauna (or any sauna) is to be naked and then run into the cold water... I'm just sayin', when in Rome...

  5. everytime i try to post a comment, it fails. but i'll try again. did you actually take that picture of the fireworks?! it's incredible!! miss you sissy! :) i uploaded some super cute pics of you and pups this wknd... will post them soon!

  6. Haha no your not too crazy!
    And yes dad of course I know, rotary rules!
    That's a good one Robin, and yes I have done the sauna the traditional way many times and of course always swimming in the cold water. My friends make fun of me because I can never handle the heat as long as them and am always first to want to swim!
    Miss you too Haley and puppies!!