Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First week in Finland

I have safely landed in Finland a few days ago, on Sunday. Upon arrival a group of exchange students and I were taken by a charter bus to language camp a few hours from Helsinki, which is where i am now for the week. I am in between class time and lunch right now.
My class is a small group of six students who are learning swedish. The proportion of the six of us to the 100 or so students is relatively the proportion of Swedish Fins in Finland which i found interesting, but it makes sense.
My flight to Finland was for the most part good. I had a large "carry on" that baggage made me check, but with my Rotary jacket and smile, the man at baggage checked it for free instead of the $100+ additional cost! Also, while waiting at the gate, I got called up and moved to first class, there must have been an open seat or something. I was very lucky to get this for my seven hour flight, although i was not so lucky to be sitting by a couple of screaming babies!
I have a funny story my sisters will enjoy, while on my flight to Helsinki two sisters got to my seat where they started bickering in Finnish about who got the middle and isle. The mom said something, and in the end the baby sister ended up getting the isle. Sound familiar? HAHA.
Upon arrival in Helsinki, all was well until after I got my baggage where I had some trouble finding who was supposed to pick me up. It involved finding a phone, finding change, trying to use a non-touch screen comp. as a touch, calling a non english speaking fin accidently, Etc. Etc. Etc. When finally I spotted the rotarians and got on the bus to the language camp.
So that is where i am now, I have more lessons in a bit and tomorrow we get to go shopping in the city...I forget which city.


  1. cool! did mom and dad know about your lucky upgrade ahead of time?? haha. hows the swedish comin along?! is english used pretty frequently over there?? i cleaned up your art stuff that was left all over the house for you.. its in a nice pile for you when you come back next year :)

  2. oh my gosh stinker! except you would have probly picked the window!
    you should post pictures of what you buy shopping! messss youuu seesterr!

  3. Oh good idea sister, like you do huh! Haley...that prooves a point that makes me think a bit haha. And it was a window that I got though! Thanks Haley!