Saturday, August 21, 2010

School in Finland

So I've had my first week of school, i'm liking the Finnish school system. It may be because of all my open blocks (Class time) compared to all my classmates, but one thing I really like is the diversity from month to month and day to day.
We have modules which are 7 weeks, with 5 blocks of classes each day. Blocks are about 1:15 min. School goes from 8:15-4 but it just depends on your day and classes when you go to school and get out of school. Here is an example of a school day for me, Monday: no class block 1, (first class 9:45) block 2 English, Block 3 an art course (I have 3 seprate art courses this module!), block 5 another art course, but also ecconomics, so some weeks i will go to art, some ecconomics, i have a couple blocks that are like this because I am in the IB program at school, but taking art classes in Swedish at the national level. My best day is wednesday, because i have one art class block one, then another block two, then i'm done at eleven!

So in all this module i'm taking english, pscology, ecconomics, and three art courses. And at home i'll get credits for all of them! It's not too many but it's enough and I don't exactly want to take clasess (LIKE MATH!) that i don't really need/get credits for. But I really like my classes this module. The one thing I dislike about the Finnish school system compared to USA (or at least Wenatchee High School) is they don't have such an extensive amount of elective courses like we do, granted it is a smaller school, but i think its the same in all schools. But Finlands school system is ranked like number one in the world i think. I haven't noticed yet since classes are just starting, but students really care about their studies!
This is a chart of the Finnish school system, they start at age 7.

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